Make traveling easy

Step into the future of traveling

Elevate Your Business With AI 

Schedule tasks, set appointments, create meetings with AI and virtual assistants. Let us handle your needs as the #1 business traveling consultant.

Schedule Tasks

Our assistants, combined with our AI algorithm, will schedule tasks along your route for your business up to three years in advance. 

Set Appointments

Schedule and set appointments automatically for your review along your travel routes. With the ability to switch it up with a click of a button.

Create Meetings

Have an important meeting? It can take priority over appointments and tasks with one click priority.

Business Travel Consultation

the Way You

Set Appointments for the Year

You can set appointments for up to three years in advance. Most preferred way is one year in advance. 

Save Time & Money With Tools That Feel Like Actual Magic

Schedule flights for seminars, hotel stays for important business meetings, and even car rentals for business vacations.

The #1 Traveling AI


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